What We Do

Sweet Grass Technical Institute believes every community needs mechanics.  Unfortunately a lot of communities do not have a program to teach mechanics to all these students that want to learn.  That’s where Sweet Grass Technical Institute comes in to play.  Any student who wants to learn, is willing to make that commitment and has that drive gets to attend our weekly classes.  

Each year Sweet Grass Technical Institute returns several non-driving donated vehicles back to the road.  The proceeds from these sales return back to the students to work on their next projects.

The students are trained to repair vehicles from the 1950s to even our present day vehicles.

Who We Serve

Area High school students that are in either public school or home school

Who We Are

We are a 501C non-profit auto mechanics program that teaches young people to work on vehicles of all kinds.

Board of Directors

  • Robert Harrick, Chairman
  • Ian Peterson, Vice Chairman
  • Heather Hasbrook, Treasurer
  • Bil Saunders, Director
  • Bill Fossum, Director

    Volunteer Teachers

    • Rob Harrick, Excavator
    • Daniel Milton, Welder/Mechanic
    • Tim Jarrett, Diesel Mechanic